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Our Journey to Give the Most Natural Sound Possible

When a child is receiving a cochlear implant, it's natural to wonder if they will be able to hear the same sounds as a person with normal hearing.


Traditional cochlear implants use digital processing to create pulse signals, which can limit the sounds that the user is able to interpret. From speech to music, sounds become translated into a digital format that is unnatural for the human brain to interpret.


We asked ourselves, "How can we create a solution that enables a person to hear a sound in its most natural form?" 


Our cochlear implant is designed with advanced full-spectrum audio processing, which allows users to experience sounds in their most natural form. Our ultra-thin electrodes and external sound processing unit make for a comfortable and safe fit, while our innovative sound processing technology ensures high-quality audio transmission.

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Full Spectrum Hearing

Our innovative approach to sound processing creates the most natural and realistic sounds possible, delivering an unparalleled listening experience for individuals with hearing loss.

Our platform utilizes a proprietary system called a FSM (Full Spectrum Modulator) that converts and transmits audio signals to the implant in its most natural form.


Our FSM system sends extremely low-electrical AC current to the electrode array stimulating the central auditory nerve.

Passive Implant

Neubio’s internal receiving unit is also completely passive and does not have any electronic components making our implant the smallest and thinnest in the market. 

One of the key features of our cochlear implant is its ultra-thin electrodes, which protects residual hearing of the patient.

  • Are there any electronics implanted inside the patient?
    Neubio’s Internal Receiving Unit (IRU) is a completely passive device that does not require an internal power source or electronic components, making our device incredibly safe. Unlike competing products use DC current that require internal electronics to convert the current, Neubio’s cochlear implant uses AC coil-to-coil magnetic induction to transmit the audio signal to the passive internal coil. The coil sends this extremely low-voltage electrical signal to the implant’s electrode array for central stimulation.

Research & Development

We take research and development seriously and approach it with scientific rigor. Our products are designed in Switzerland with attention to detail and quality precision. As we strive to advance the field of sound processing, we are excited to see what the future holds.

  • Low Energy Circuit Design

  • Total Implantable Device

  • AI-powered Rehabilitation Software

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