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Our Implant

What is a cochlear implant?

A cochlear implant is a medical device that is surgically implanted into the ear to help individuals with severe to profound hearing loss.


The implant consists of two parts: an external microphone and speech processor that sits behind the ear and an internal device called an electrode array that is surgically implanted into the cochlea (the part of the inner ear responsible for hearing).


The microphone and speech processor work together to convert sound into electrical signals, which are then sent to the electrode array, stimulating the auditory nerve and allowing the individual to hear sound.


Cochlear implants have been proven to be effective in improving hearing and speech understanding in people with severe to profound hearing loss. It is important to consult with a hearing health professional to determine if a cochlear implant is a right option for you or your child.

Neubio's implant is a Swiss-designed, revolutionary electronic-free implant that utilizes advanced audio technology in its processor. It features ClearSound and Full-Spectrum Sound, which provide exceptional hearing experiences.


Allows users to enjoy sound in all listening environments by using multiple unique noise reduction algorithms that work automatically to provide comfortable and effortless hearing without worrying about the environment they are in.

Full-Spectrum Sound

Delivers a pure and natural sound by generating a high-resolution carrier wave, which delivers a higher fidelity signal, allowing the neural ganglion to naturally encode that information. This makes the implant electronic-free, providing a more natural hearing experience.

Neubio Implant
Clear Sound.webp


ClearSound is a chip that uses advanced noise reduction algorithms to automatically scan, evaluate, and adapt to your surroundings, resulting in a superior listening experience.


The Adaptive Directionality algorithm specifically targets noise coming from behind or beside the user, using input from the continuous auto-scanning algorithm to determine when directionality is necessary. This ensures that you and those around you can hear effortlessly and without interruption in any environment.

Thinnest Electrodes

Our implant features 12 electrodes and Neubio's internal receiving unit is passive and does not contain any electronic parts, making it the most compact and slim implant in the market. One of its key advantages is its ultra-thin electrodes, which preserve the remaining hearing of the patient. Additionally, the BOLD Implant is compatible with 1.5T MRI.

Our Implant



Neubio offers the thinnest and shortest electrode in the industry, facilitating a gentle insertion process that minimizes the risk of damaging the delicate cochlea structure and preserving residual hearing. The unique curved shape of our electrode array enables it to sit close to the modiolus, providing a potential path to improved speech outcomes for patients.


Our implant is the thinnest and smallest implant in the industry, providing surgeons with the option for shorter surgical procedures and minimizing the time a patient needs to be under anesthesia.


Our unique Frequency Spectrum Modulator (FSM) receives sound from ClearSound and converts it into a high-resolution analog signal. It then generates a carrier wave to deliver the sound to the implant coil in a near-constant stream, resulting in a higher-fidelity signal than traditional pulsatile stimulation.

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