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Neubio India

Neubio AG, established in Switzerland in 2017, is a leader in the field of Cochlear Implants. We are known for our innovative approach to implant design and safety, and for our use of analog signals and unconventional external unit designs.


In India, the prevalence of severe to profound hearing loss is alarmingly high, with 4 out of every 1000 children born affected. This translates to over 100,000 babies born with hearing insufficiency each year. However, only a small number of cochlear implant surgeries are performed in India due to a variety of factors such as restricted access to the procedure in certain cities, lack of awareness, lack of birth screening, and limited resources for funding and insurance.


To address this issue, Neubio AG established Switz Neubio India through technology transfer in order to provide Cochlear Implants with a focus on positive outcomes. Our commitment is to train more surgeons, audiologists, and speech therapists to support Cochlear Implantation. Our goal is to be a Gold Standard Service and Support company for Cochlear Implants worldwide.


Designed in Switzerland 

Scalable Hearing Solutions 

Neubio's Global Impact

Our goal is to help support 1000 children and individuals who need help financing a cochlear implant, surgery, and post care.
You can make a real difference in the lives of those living with hearing loss, and help them overcome the barriers that stand in their way.
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